In the future, the "mark of the beast" will be placed on the hand or the forehead of men and women who refuse to obey the laws of the land relating to worship.   All who have "the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" will not be able to buy or sell.   Revelation 13:16.17.

Many men and women wear the triquetra in jewelry and tatoos to receive power, not simply as an adornment.  Others wear the 666 symbol for the same purpose.  

These images from the internet under triquetra tatoos and/or pendants and/or jewelry

My question is:  What if the triquetra is simply the religious 666 symbol?   What if the enemy that stands behind the "beast" also stands behind the triquetra?   Both relate to worship, and to obey the "beast", whose number is 666, is to receive the wrath of God.     Will those who stand for the triquetra automatically be worshipping this beast when the mark is enforced?

Again I say that the subject is salvational.

Study it as if your life depended on it: because it does.  

There is no question we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, but the enemy of God and man is working hard to steal salvation away from those who belong to Him.  God holds us in His hand, but if we refuse to search out truth, we are responsible for our own decision.   

Remember that "...God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie..."   2 Thess 2:11.

God will allow the delusions we accept to deceive us, simply because we did not love the truth.  In the end those who are deceived will be "damned who believe not the truth."  v12.

​​I  have done my study;  please do yours.

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Triquetra Magic

Many Christians who understand Bible prophecy link the triquetra to 666, the "number of the beast".  Revelation 13:18.  There is certainly a great likeness to the triquetra.

It is possible that some readers will think this symbolism is all far-fetched, but if you do your research into how symbols are hidden in advertising, movies business and many other areas, you will see that there is a conspiracy to bring us all under the control of the one behind them.

Symbols are not out-of-date simply because they were used in ancient pagan worship, they still apply and are currently used in the occult.  The power they had originally is with them today. 

"The triquetra also appears on the television series Charmed, probably as a less threatening alternative to the pentacle (the preferred emblem of witches real and imaginary). In the show, it represents the 'power of three, acting as one,' which in turn represents the three sisters."

One who calls herself 'the easy witch' wrote, "The ​Triquetra can easily be affiliated with the three aspects of the Divine, and express the Unity between them 'Three as One', meaning that all three aspects of the Divine are One and One is expressed by three (many)... 

"I will take this one step further and give an example. The Goddess in most traditions is usually depicted as the Moon. The Moon has three phases (four according to some) waning moon, full moon and waxing moon. Now imagine three circles like a Venn diagram in Probabilities (always a passion for Statistics but I won’t take it too far this time) you can see that the parts that are joining together form the Triquetra, three aspects of the moon, three aspects of the Goddess (or Divine) joined together... 

"The Goddess has three archetypical aspects: Maiden, Mother and Crown while the God is represented as the Horned God or the Hunter, the God-King (ruler of the Summer Solstice) and the Sacrificed God. I am aware that many other pagans will use different terms for the three archetypical aspects of God and I cherish into that. Always remember that Gods embrace diversity....

Now that you understand the meaning of the Triquetra take it a bit further and apply this symbol to your spells, bring its power in your life and empower everything you do. 

If you would like to use a spell awakening the powers of the Triquetra and bringing the Divine powers in your symbol and life use the spell that we provide in this blog."  "Composed by The Easy Witch (in all the possible waysJ)"

Below is a triquetra tatoo, together with very attractive pendants.

According to one website,"the triquetra is a symbol of Black Madonna worshippers; a symbol on the new universal smart card and high-level Masons false god Jahbuhlun, whose mark is the three 6's, overlaid Triquetra."