Pagan Trinities


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If you would like your children to learn about God the Father and His Son, the above site is available. Adults are enjoying it too.   The site can be found on:


Why beautiful jewels?

Well, because I like them;  they look pretty.

But also because my mind is filled with the treasures of the true doctrine of God and I want to share that love with you.

Oh yes, and I am thinking of the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem.  That is how my book for teens begins.  The children enter the city and they enjoy the twelve foundations of precious stones.   I like to imagine them -- sapphire, emerald, jasper, topaz, amethyst and more.   

As Summer, Jeannette, Kevin and Oma walk on the transparent streets of gold, they see the reflection of the foundation stones from beneath.  This is the home of God the Father and His Son.   I am longing to go there, aren't you?    

A book is now finished and is on a new website:           

It is the history of the Council of Nicaea and the world as it was in the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries.

If you are not into solid history, you probably will not be able to read it through, however, if you are, there is plenty to read.   I hope you will be blessed.

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